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Join the Bus Party! Colorado 
Social Club for Music Fans

What is Bus Party! Colorado?

Bus Party! Colorado (BusPartyCo or BPC) is a vibrant social club dedicated to the music community. Our private social club allows music fans to get to know one another and travel together as a fan club before and after the concert. Members have exclusive access to our private networking bus and club functions.


Cost to Join:

There is no yearly membership fee; you only pay for the specific events you want to attend. Participating in one of our unique fan club networking events ranges from $45-$55 per person (depending on date).

Our Motto:

How Music Fans Travel to Red Rocks

Our Pillars:

Music, Community, Networking, Fun

Our Mission:

We're committed to bringing music fans together and fostering a welcoming community that embraces inclusivity and support. Our values center on spreading positivity, showing respect, and leading with kindness. Following the principles of PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect), we aim to create a space where everyone feels valued and respected.

In our community, we celebrate the one common thread that binds us all—music. We believe music is a universal language with the unparalleled ability to connect people from diverse backgrounds. It has the power to heal, inspire, and unite us all, and we believe that everyone deserves to experience its transformative influence.


Membership Agreement & Code of Conduct:

We're seeking individuals who value the transformative power of music and are committed to fostering connections within the BusPartyCo community. By signing up, you agree to abide by the following code of conduct. Failure to comply may result in removal from the community.

  • BE KIND. ♥️

    • This means being generous, helpful, and thinking of other people's feelings. ​

    • We never know what others are dealing with, and our generosity, support, or small acts of kindness may go a long way in their lives. Be the difference. 

    • Not tolerated: Rude and entitled behavior. If you are rude or disrespectful to the host or a community member, you will be removed from this group and banned from riding again. 


    • This means treating other community members, your driver/host, the party bus, Zeppelin Station, Punch Bowl Social, and Red Rocks with respect.

    • Respect means not teasing, bullying, or giving someone a hard time. This behavior is unacceptable and will result in an automatic ban. 

    • Respect also means being considerate to your neighbor, stopping unwanted behavior without trouble, and not violating personal space bubbles. If someone says stop, you stop. 

    • Respect means not purposely leaving trash lying around, stealing, or damaging property. If you break this rule, you will be removed from this group and kicked off the bus with no refund.

    • Follow the golden rule - Treat others how you wish to be treated. 


    • The BusPartyCo bus is a networking bus for music fans. The fans on the bus like the same music as you, so enjoy getting to know them! 

    • To be an active participant means to smile, introduce yourself, and start friendly conversations. The more you get involved, the more you will get out of the experience. 

    • If you are prone to anxiety in loud and tight spaces, the BPC bus may not be the right fit for you. Members are encouraged to enjoy themselves, which may result in energy before/after the show. Energy is allowed if done kindly and respectfully (i.e., dancing, singing, laughing, etc.)

    • Seating is open, so you may have different seats on the way there and on the way home. Be flexible and use this opportunity to meet new people. 


    • We ask that you not embarrass yourself or the BPC community. 

    • That means not putting yourself or other members at risk by abusing alcohol or drugs.

    • No illegal drugs are allowed on the bus. If you break this rule, you will be removed from this group and kicked off the bus without a refund.

    • It is your obligation to be a responsible adult. This means listening to directions during the opening speech, reviewing our map, asking Red Rocks attendees for directions, calling your driver/host, and opening Google Maps to find the Lower South Lot 2. 

    • Do not disrespect your community. That means not being the way too-drunk person who either cannot find the bus at the end of the evening or is so sloppy that they ruin the entire vibe on the member bus.

    • Return to the bus on time after the show. No refunds will be given if you do not make it to the Lower South Lot 2 in 30 minutes. The walk typically takes 15 minutes. 

    • Puking or peeing on the bus (not in a trash can or in a puke bag) will result in a $300 cleaning fee. This fee goes directly to the bus company and the driver, who must spend 2+ hours deep cleaning/sanitizing the bus at 2 a.m. before the next ride. ​


    • This means absolutely No signs of Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, or Transphobia are allowed.

    • Our community does not bully, discriminate, or make people feel uncomfortable for being themselves. See rules #1 and #2. 

    • NO WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED at any event. You will be banned for life and immediately reported to the authorities.

    • This also means you will get home safely before or after the bus ride by NOT DRINKING AND DRIVING. This behavior is not tolerated in our community. It is reckless and selfish. If you need help getting home, don't hesitate to contact your bus driver. 

Updates to this Agreement

It is your responsibility to read this Membership Agreement and keep apprised of any changes. We may occasionally update or modify this Membership Agreement at our sole discretion without prior notice to you. Any updates and modifications we make to this Membership Agreement will be binding on you even if you choose not to read them. The updates and modifications will be binding on you from when we post them and each time you register for or participate in a Club event. 

Eligibility and Membership

Membership in the club is offered to music fans who believe in the power of music to connect and unite. Members must be at least 21 years old on or before the date that they register. 

Emails & Text Messages

You understand that from time to time, the Club may send you emails or text messages about Club events and updates (like location changes and/or time changes). You grant the Club permission to contact you via email and phone. If you do not provide contact details, we are not responsible for you missing the event, and we will not issue a refund. 

Filming & Photography

You understand that from time to time, the Club may photograph events to be used for marketing purposes. You grant the Club permission to photograph and film you during our events. 

Weather Delay

We reserve the right to delay/postpone a departure time due to foul weather. If this occurs, we will notify you by email and text. Delays are usually no more than 30 minutes. 

Networking Hour

We host a one-hour networking event before the fan club boards the private bus. This hour is designed to help you meet your adventure buddies and community. You will be given special name tags to wear to foster conversation and connection. We encourage you to use this hour to network.

Open Seating Policy / No Reserved Seats

We are an open-seating bus (like Southwest). We do not assign or reserve seats. Since we are a music networking bus, we encourage people to sit next to different people on the way there and on the way home. After all, that's how you get to meet more people! At the end of the night, if someone is sitting in your original seat, go with the flow and don't be stubborn. If you have belongings under the chair, kindly ask them to pass them over. 

Leaving Items on the Bus

You may leave items on the bus, but please note that the bus does leave Red Rocks during the concert (the driver is allowed to get dinner), so any unsecured items may move around during the drive. Placing items in the back of your seat or in a zipped bag (backpack) is the best move. Please note that any small items left in the cup holder will move/fall out, so do not leave valuables there. They are almost guaranteed to fall on the ground during a turn!  

Loud Music & Special Effects Warning

Members may be subject to extremely loud music and sounds, as well as strobe lighting and moving lasers. Individuals who are sensitive to light and sound should consider this warning before riding with us. 

Risk Involved

You understand the risk of attending a Club networking event on a traveling bus. You knowingly assume the risk of injury, harm, loss, and possible exposure to illness associated with riding as a passenger inside a moving vehicle.

Damages to Property

When attending a Club event, you are responsible for paying for any damage that may occur from you. That includes broken equipment, rips/tears/burn marks, and/or vomiting/stains on the bus. There is a sanitization fee of $300 dollars for vomiting or peeing on the bus.

Ride Termination 

The event host or driver has the right to terminate your ride without a refund if you break any of the code of conduct above. Other members have the right to tell the driver about unwanted behavior. 

Group Ticket Policy

BusPartyCo is a members-only private club. All patrons must have an active membership to ride the private bus. If you buy tickets for friends, you must have them sign up as BPC members before riding. Membership will be periodically checked, and guests without an active member will not be allowed to attend the event. 

Event Cancellation

Bus Party! Colorado reserves the right to cancel club events due to low attendance (less than 5 members) or unplanned issues that put our club members at risk (e.g. health issues or mechanical trouble). 

No Refunds

Unless otherwise noted in writing, all sales and purchases are non-refundable. If you fail, for any reason, to arrive for your event or the scheduled departure time (outside of the 5-minute grace period), you will not receive a refund. No refunds or exchanges will be available if you are unable to travel for any reason. 


Ticket Transfers

Tickets are transferable to another BusPartyCo member. Please email to transfer your ticket to a different name. 

Fee & Payments

BusPartyCo does not have membership fees ($0), but you are only responsible for paying the fees for the specific club events you want to attend. Please note that your event fees do not include host/driver tips (optional but recommended).

When you become a registered member of the Club, you are subject to this Membership Agreement and Code of Conduct.


If you agree to all of its terms, click on the "I accept this Membership Agreement." After you accept the terms of the Membership Agreement, you may proceed with registering for club membership. You shall be bound by both the terms of our Code of Conduct and the Club Membership Application whenever you participate in Club activities. 

I have read this membership agreement above. I agree to the terms outlined and understand that I am bound by the Code of Conduct whenever participating in club activities.

Member Benefits

Being a BusPartyCo member comes with some extra perks. Take a look at what's included with your membership.

Member Networking Events 

Before you depart for Red Rocks, you'll have the opportunity to meet the fan club. Special name tags will help foster conversation, and our events are designed to help you mix and mingle with other music fans so that you can expand your community! 

Complimentary Waters & Swag 

BusPartyCo members receive complimentary waters and swag items during our social hour. At check-in, you may also have the opportunity to spin our member prize wheel or browse our Red Rocks essential store for concert supplies.

Secret member-only flash sales 

Every quarter, we send out a members-only coupon code for discounted tickets. We don't advertise this information on social media, so only members enjoy the benefit! 

Roundtrip Ride to Red Rocks on a VIP Party Bus

BusPartyCo members may ride on our private fan club bus to the concert to network with their music community. This is a pre-arranged roundtrip ride to/from Red Rocks on a private party bus booked by ABW Events. You must be a member to enjoy this perk!

Zeppelin Station Discounts: 10% off at the bar and 15% off at select food vendors
Zeppelin Station is a creative food hall with eight food vendors, a large bar, arcade games, and various vendors. Bus Party! riders get 10% off all drinks at the bar and 15% off at the Mexican, Greek, and Sushi restaurants.  Just mention "Bus Party!" or show your wristband to the team to claim your discount. 

10% off at Green RiNo Dispensary 

Green RiNo is the official cannabis sponsor for BusParty social events, which means you get hooked up with discounts every time you shop there. Just mention that you are a Bus Party member at checkout! 

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